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Our mission is to produce pure ghee that people love, so fresh that it enhances the value of every dish / delicacy that it is added to.


Our vision is to make ghee a household product that is a part of every individual's everyday diet.


Over the years MGS Ghee has become synonymous with ‘Purity’ in the Indian market and has built a legacy for authentic traditional taste.
Mr. K.V Ramaswamy Founder of MGS Ghee Ghee design

MGS Ghee roots back to 1956 when our founder MR. K.V. Ramaswamy began the tradition of making pure desi ghee and selling it door to door on his bicycle.

Mr. R. Shanmugham Head of MGS Ghee Ghee design

Our first flagship store was opened in Badichowdi, Hyderabad by our founder's son MR. R. Shanmugham who is also the current head of the company.

Pure Mysore Ghee Ghee design

After 14 successful years of spreading joy and happiness in our surroundings we discovered the need to cater a larger customer base and successively set-up a small production unit near the store.

Mysore Ghee Ghee design

Two decades later, “Mysore Ghee” became a household name and we were convinced to brand ourselves as “MGS Ghee”. This was our first step towards branding and it had multiplied our reach.

Fresh and Pure Ghee Ghee design

As the branded packets of MGS Ghee started reaching the households of Hyderabad our production unit was shifted to a bigger base in Amberpet in order to cater to the growing needs of the consumers.

Pure Mysore Ghee with Sweets Ghee design

Soon the brand's image started capturing the minds of the consumers and simultaneously we had renovated our store in Badichowdi to a bigger and well-equipped facility.

Old City Hyderabad Ghee design

Our two sutras of making fresh and pure desi ghee had become a hit in the market and it was time that we started expanding our roots into the city. We opened several branches in major localities in the city of Hyderabad.

MGS Ghee Packaging Ghee design

This was the year we decided to have a makeover and set a trend for the 21st century. Our product packaging was a game changer as it received immense love from our customers and a positive response from the market.

MGS Ghee Packets Ghee design

To align with our vision of delivering Pure desi Ghee to every single household we started distributing our products among various supermarkets in the city.

MGS Ghee Products Ghee design

Soon we began our journey online and started selling our products on Amazon & Big Basket and started making our presence felt throughout the nation.

MGS Ghee Havard Business Publication Review Ghee design

The prestigious Harvard Business Review officially recorded the Expansion Case Study for MGS Ghee.

MGS Ghee Logo Ghee design

With increase in the brand awareness and demand for MGS Ghee we started a facility in Cherlapally, Hyderabad to scale up our production and meet the increasing demands of our customers from across the country.

Ghee Bottles Ghee Design

As demand for MGS Ghee increased, we began manufacturing and packaging our ghee in bottles to make it easier for our customers to store and use ghee on a daily basis.